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Crippled by Debt? There IS a Way Out…

Struggling with overwhelming debt can feel literally crippling at times. You are constantly aware of the huge number owed and feel all but powerless in your ability to tackle the issue. Every phone call inspires fear as the possibility of a debt collector on the other end always looms, and each piece of mail simply brings a reminder of what is due, and oftentimes, past due.

But there is hope, and in fact, a real solution that you can get started on TODAY to help you overcome your debt issue and take control of your finances once again. If you follow a solid plan, such as the tips below, you absolutely CAN rid yourself of crippling debt and begin to see a future that is debt FREE, not debt RIDDEN.

Here are a few PROVEN tips to help you start shedding that debt right this very minute:

  • Create a solid budget - Creating a budget is STEP ONE. I know, for some it can be a nightmare just to put down on paper how much is owed, but unless this reality is faced, it will never be overcome. It is important to be truthful in your budget and list ALL expenses (cell phone, TV, groceries, all bills…EVERYTHING!)
  • Make some lifestyle changes - Once your budget is created and is SOLID, review it to find some areas in which you can make some lifestyle changes to save money. It may be hard, but this is you going to WAR with debt and the harder you fight, the sooner you can kill that debt! Are you paying for cable? How much is your cell phone bill, and can you survive on a less expensive plan? Look at your shopping habits…are you eating out? Are you buying expensive coffees daily? In MOST cases, individuals who are honest with themselves can trim HUNDREDS of dollars of expenses each month. At first, it’s tough, but soon, you won’t even miss what you’ve trimmed (and the look of that debt number going down monthly will be reward enough!)
  • Prioritize your payoffs - Prioritize your payments by ranking them from highest interest rate to lowest. Pay only the MINIMUM DUE on all by the credit card with the highest interest rate. Knock that one out first. Then repeat the process. It will seem like a slow process at the beginning but over time the process will begin to speed up as you begin to payoff one card after another. Each time you do, you will have MORE money to put towards paying off the current card. Stick with it and do NOT incur more debt…use cash or don’t get it!
  • Find a second income - Finally, find a way to make extra money (legally of course!) You can get a second job, make money online, or just put out some fliers in your neighborhood offering services like home cleaning, junk removal, etc. Be creative and be humble…earning as little as an extra $200-$300 per month can go a long way in paying down bills. While it may be difficult, know that this is only temporary.

If you are really committed to making it happen, and you follow the tips above consistently, you will see those debt numbers go down and as they do, your spirits will be lifted! The debt crisis is affecting many, but you can take control and fight back, and WIN by following a solid plan of action and never giving up!

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