United Kingdom & Northern Ireland

Bailiff At My Door

Before you go through the steps, we stress that you download our APP.

Step 1.

Don't open the door or invite the bailiff into your home or dwelling if you haven't already done so Stay calm!

Step 2.

Ask the bailiff or the high court sheriff to show you identification, and provide you a copy of paperwork that they are trying to enforce, Please do not open the door this can be accepted via letterbox or small opening.

Step 3.

If the enforcement officers can not provide you a copy, for your keeping, then please take a photograph on your phone of every page, and also a photograph of their ID.

Step 4.

Being Polite, ask the enforcement officers for 48 hours, to check out your rights, and also the information they are providing you, is a legitimate cal,l and time to seek advice, at this point, inform them you are a member of CAPP, and all assets within your home or dwelling are on loan to you from us. They can not do a controlled goods agreement due to the assets being owed by CAPP.

Step 5.

Contact CAPP through your contact portal via the app, to update us of the enforcement call, we will them contact the officers to clarify their position.

Step 6.

We will protect you, every step of the way, at this point, maybe have a think about contacting a debt charity to help you with repayments, we can help you with the numbers to call, please remember your assets can not be touched as they are owned by CAPP.