United Kingdom & Northern Ireland

About Us


Campaigning Against Peoples Poverty (CAPP) was founded in the United Kingdom, by a team of compassionate and caring individuals, who have significant experience within the voluntary sector. We have spent the better half of our careers working with charitable organisations, and within the United Kingdom, National Health Service. Our chosen vehicle and structure is that of a, CIC model, which is a structure created by the government, this model is to solely benefit the individuals in the local communities that we serve. For us, this modus operandi reflects our organisation and projects as a whole.

Our pathway is one of care and compassion, as we set out to protect vulnerable households and businesses in debt; CAPP protects the goods and assets from being taken by officers of the court. CAPP supports and offers, additional goods such as, home furnishings and electronics, this will give the individuals a sense of normality, as they are going through a time of need. We also provide essential business apparatus, in order to help businesses stay afloat and operational.

"It's Wiley spoken upon that charity starts at home, but our motto is charity begins for all in need, wherever you may be, when you are facing difficult financial times, we will be by your side."
- Managing Director, DS